Carpentry Services

Shelving: In modern homes, people have favoured the use of cabinets rather than using wardrobes. Shelves are an ideal choice for a home. Shelves could be made as bookshelves, compartments etc based on your needs, built to your specification and budget..

Cupboards: There are numerous forms of cabinets, made to measure or purchased off the shelf and installed. Every home is different and so are the requirements of those that live there. We offer a complete design and install service, why not get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Staircase: These days a staircase isn't just a medium of connection between floors but they have additionally turned out to be an approach to storage. By fitting out with suitable hardware, under stair storage systems provide a myriad of options, from shoe drawers to complete hidden wardrobes - the options are endless.

Fencing and Decking: Wooden fencing for gardens and gates come in numerous sizes and ranges. Each install can be tailored to your specification, choice and colour. Material choices provide a multitude of options particularly the low maintenance options provided by UPVC and Composite options now available.

Kitchens: Another massive improvement to any home is the kitchen. Modular kitchens are an awesome example of today's ingenuity in materials and skill in carpentry. Crafted kitchen cabinets, Granite tops, Under counter lighting, again, the options are endless.

Refurbishment Services

If you are not satisfied with the look your home, you do not need to abandon it. Consider refurbishments to suit your expectations. Here are some refurbishment services we provide to give you a happy and comfortable living space for your home;

The Living Room: The living room is the best place in a home where we welcome and entertain our guests. To have a perfect living room, there are some refurbishments you can incorporate such as a coved ceiling, installing good furniture, having a variety of fixtures and lighting to accentuate the look of the living room.

The Dining Room: is the best place where family members all assemble for meals. We can add beauty to your dining room in a variety of ways. We may focus on the main dining table and chairs in the room. perhaps a sanding and refinishing. Perhaps additional cabinets and drawers within the dining room providing essential storage for your regular use items.

The Kitchen: A major refurbishment in the kitchen will enhance the look and feel of any household. From door and drawer front changes to complete refits, add or remove additional lighting, form a central island to an existing kitchen. A minor change could make all the difference!

The Bathroom: is an important room within a home. After a shower, we achieve a rejuvenated feel. You could opt to change bathroom fixtures to wooden fixtures that will add elegance to your bathroom.Or you may also focus on wooden finishings on bathtubs or create a beautiful wooden spa area.

The Bedroom: The room where it all happens... Rest! From fitted wardrobes to overhead units. Mirrored sliding doors to cabinets. Again the options are endless and a small change could make all the difference.

Internal Services

We do major interior house works to improve the look of the rooms and make changes in the home. This can be achieved through a maintenance project to upgrade and beautify the house and make it more attractive. These services will include include floor and wall tiling, exterior and interior painting as well as establishing a good plumbing system.

Interior Painting: No matter whether you do up a lot with your kitchen, bathroom, roofing, flooring, carpentry or lighting, it's a lost battle if you forget to paint Interior walls with eye-catching colours. Interior painting adds a great visual appeal to your home. This also allows the homeowner to preserve their home value. Your home is as attractive as its walls are. The only way to bring faded walls back to life is to avail Interior painting services.

Plumbing: There are myriad of problems related to plumbing within a home. This is the reason why we need to have a plumber at hand. A plumber has expertise and experience on repairs, installation, and maintenance of plumbing systems.

Tiling: The major places where you can do tiling is on the kitchen and bathroom floor and walls. Tiled floors and walls both look very pretty when done by a professional. Well laid tiles add elegance to a room. The beauty of a room will also depend on the choice of tiles' colour and design. You can hire experts for floor tiling and wall tiling for a highly economic price, and they are excellently equipped to handle this job for you.

External Services

When considering works to your outside space, a number of factors should be considered, a few of these are listed and explained below;

Fencing and Decking: With the wide variety and options available, be it fencing or decking, you could easily improve your outside space. Be it installing outside seating, a small BBQ area or merely securing your boundaries, give us a call to discuss your options..

Pressure washing: Is your decking green and slippery? Paving faded? Patio loosing its lustre? A suitably applied pressure washing system fit for purpose, be it low or high pressure, could clean up your delicate surfaces to restore lustre or provide an adequate substrate to re-treat. Seasonal decking treatments for example.

Guttering: A well installed and maintained guttering system insures a hassle and problem free wet season. Why not opt in to our regular service at the end / beginning of the seasons? A regular gutter cleaning service will ensure that the system is clear and working efficiently.

Vacant Property Inspections, Security and Compliance

Partnering with RemoteZone, we offer vacant property security in the form of remote alarm systems coupled with monitoring and security response. Wire free alarm systems, tailored to your site requirements include PIR sensors, Cameras and Sirens.

Compliance: Lock changes and system drain downs in order to comply with vacant property insurance requirements.

Vacant property Inspections (VPI's): Random, periodic inspections ensure that not only is your property secure, it is visited regularly and a local presence is noticed. Front lawns are maintained and any maintenance requirements are quoted for on the spot and rectified (board ups, gutter repairs etc.)

How it works: The RemoteZone approach to remote property monitoring is simple but highly effective. Depending on the type and size of the building, a number of wireless PIR detectors are installed which link to an onsite secure and tamper proof control box. This control unit sends messages out via GPRS mobile technology removing the need for a fixed landline. Clients have the option to add a wireless audible bell box if required which will alert the intruder that they have been detected and alert people in the immediate area of the activation. In addition the remote login facility enables clients to remotely login to their alarm system(s) from any web enabled PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone to check the security status and history of logged events, helping to provide additional peace of mind. The system is continuously monitored by a UK based NSI Gold alarm receiving centre, ensuring that as soon as an alarm is triggered by either an internal PIR sensor, external PIR sensor, door contact, window contact, flood sensor, equipment sensor or smoke detector, the activation is signalled by GPRS mobile telephone technology, and received by the alarm receiving centre. Each activation is picked up by a fully trained member of the alarm processing team, managed and acted upon, following a pre-agreed site procedure. The operator is able to track the movement of the intruder throughout the building and where an immediate response is required, the alarm receiving centre instructs the SIA accredited mobile patrol response company who will dispatch a patrol to attend site immediately, investigate the alarm activation and handle it accordingly. Following this action, a report is sent to the client, informing of the sequence of events and the outcome. The RemoteZone solution provides integrated and highly professional property security for a range of requirements, including; Empty commercial properties, Buildings awaiting refurbishment, Monitoring security guard visits, Buildings at risk of vandalism, arson or theft. Contact us to discuss your requirements.